Traction Follows Attraction.

We begin with ignorance, assuming nothing and exploring everything. We gather the parts and pieces of where you’ve been, who you are and where you stand. Most importantly, we discover why your business exists and why it matters. We then weave words and images around your purpose to create brands and experiences that people love.

Magnetism is what we sell. Brand strategy and design – that’s just what we do.

Connection to Source

We’re followers of Jesus. Faith informs everything we do but we never beat people over the head with it. We work with anyone seeking to make a difference, no matter what they believe.

We use the Enneagram, a framework for self-knowledge, to give your brand a human soul. We use what’s unique and often subconsciously hidden within you as the main point of difference for your company. You get an authentic identity that slices through the noise. And you get tools that will strengthen your team for years to come. Value far beyond the brand.

Research Dive into Data

Qualitative Interviews & Surveys
Primary Observation
Leadership Enneagram Assessments
Archive Studies
Competitive Audits
Market Mapping
Discovery Reports

Write Distill the Essence

Brand Strategy & Messaging
Brand Architecture
Verbal Identity
Audience Profiles
StoryBrand Narratives
Core Values
Purpose & Ambition
Launch Strategy
Verbal Guidelines

Design Movements & Moments

Visual Identity
Art Direction
Design Systems
Logomarks & Logotypes
Visual Guidelines

Books & Magazines
Environments & Exhibits
Motion & Video
Print Collateral
Signage & Wayfinding

Cultivate Brand for Life

Brand Conservation
Creative Direction
Creative Hire Consulting
Brand Leadership Coaching
Fundraising Campaigns
New Product Launches
Post-Launch Surveys
Social Media

We Are Not

A full-service agency
A pr firm
seo experts
Web developers (we hire them!)
Photographers (see above)
Printers (and again)
Videographers (you guessed it)

Done learning
Okay with good enough
Afraid to run the last mile with you

We Do Not

Create by committee
Go anywhere near spec work
Make PowerPoints
Mark up subcontractor fees
Track our time

Brand political campaigns
Comply with any form of Marxism
Dismiss people even if we disagree
Support brands that harm people or planet

Compromise our beliefs
Drink blended scotch
Regret wandering in wild places
Get tired of Deftones 🤘